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All About Kaylah

THE BEGINNING - About 7 years ago, I signed up for gym membership – I mean, I did a few times before, but I never actually used it. Like most girls, I desperately wanted to change my body. I hated most photos of myself, felt insecure in the clothes I wanted to wear, and I would avoid my absolute favorite place- the beach, just because I felt so uncomfortable showing my body. I was missing out on a lot. I couldn’t continue to settle for this feeling anymore and it took everything in me to get over my fear of joining the gym. The hardest part of my journey was starting it. I never looked back since and I never will. 

Social Media & Fitness

Just like getting over the gym fear took some time, so did posting my first transformation photo on Instagram. The response I got was overwhelming but life-changing. This is the moment I knew the meaning of fitness grew deeper than what I intended it to be. I realized so many girls were looking for that way out out of their own heads-out of their fears and trying to break out of their best excuses. I saw how far I came physically and mentally. 

Feeling this amount of accomplishment and appreciation for the hard work I put in on my own was incredible – but still not good enough. I needed other females to feel this way about themselves and their own journey as well- I couldn’t let it stop at just me. I know everyone’s path is a different walk but knowing I can probably inspire one person by letting them know that this is possible, I was determined to try. This was the birth of my social media name Kaylah M Fit which is now my baby- my brand. 

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My Career

My lifestyle became more of a passion every day. While I was inspiring so many people through fitness posts, I was also prioritizing my double major degree at university. When I graduated in 2017, I became a personal trainer that same year well. Being a trainer really made me grasp the true experience of other people’s journey. Seeing these women transform before my eyes in every sense of the word-physically, mentally and emotionally- through my knowledge and expertise with training and dieting brought me the happiness I was missing within my own process. Inspiration was no longer a one-way street and my own clients gave me the motivation right back to pursuit one of my dreams – to compete in bodybuilding. 

Becoming An Athlete

Unlike most females, I never had a weight-lifting phobia. I always looked up to women in the bodybuilding field very early in my fitness journey. In June 2018, I competed in my first junior national bodybuilding competition in the category bikini wellness – I was placed first. Nothing described this feeling. While winning was a major accomplishment, the fact that I pushed my body to unbelievable limits and got to cross that stage was an amazing feeling on its own. I competed again that year and placed first in my senior national show and the following year placing fourth at the Darcy Beckles international amateur show in Barbados. 


Currently, I am focusing on my brand and business. In 2020, I opened my own small training studio for my personal clients and broadened my training by doing virtual sessions both locally and internationally. While physically training my clients has been the most rewarding thing to me, I realized my limitations when it came to helping a wider community of females achieve their goals. Social media platforms like Instagram, while effective, can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes negatively affect our self-confidence. The aim of this website is to be a safe space and a judgment-free zone for any female that visits. 

For all your fitness needs, downloadable programs, merchandise, educational/inspirational blog posts, and more - Welcome to the official website of Kaylah M Fit. I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I loved creating this for you. 

XOXO - with Love,

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